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Terms & conditions

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In particular you should be aware that material on this site covers a number of jurisdictions over a number of years. The advice given may not reflect legal or medical best practice in your country today. If you are in any doubt over a specific issue you should contact an MPS medico-legal or dento-legal adviser.

MPS works with reputable companies to provide offers and additional services for members. Due to changing circumstances or unforeseen events, we may supplement or withdraw particular offers from time to time at our discretion.


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If you wish to use material from this website for any other purposes, please contact enquiries@medicalprotection.org.

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This website provides numerous links to other websites for your use. However, MPS does not endorse these websites. MPS has no control over them, and will accept no responsibility or liability for the material on these sites.


These terms and conditions (and any non-contractual disputes arising out of them) will be governed and construed in accordance with English Law.

I understand that due to the nature of the role at or the services (together the Role) I have applied to provide to The Medical Protection Society Limited or any of its subsidiaries (together MPS) I will be subject to initial checks and if appointed further periodic checks (together Background Checks) to ensure that I am, and if appointed remain, suitable for the Role whether as director, employee or contractor (or more than one of these).

These Background Checks will include obtaining and reviewing information, in any appropriate jurisdiction, on my education, past employment history and professional status as well as my financial status (including bankruptcy and court judgements), legal eligibility for the Role (including the right to work or hold any office or position), criminal record and any other information required by MPS to ensure that it complies with any legal obligation, regulatory requirement or good business practice or protect its reputation.

I understand that, by their nature, the information required to facilitate and the information received by MPS as a result of the background checks may include personal  data as defined by law. I understand that MPS will process my personal data in accordance with its HR Privacy Statement.

I understand that MPS may use third parties in any applicable jurisdiction including previous employers, personal reference providers, education providers, internet search providers, websites, government organisations, companies house (or its equivalent in my jurisdiction), regulators and reference or credit agencies (each a Third Party) to facilitate and obtain Background Checks.

I authorise MPS and any Third Party to carry out Background Checks. I authorise MPS to use the results of the Background Check to assess whether I am or remain suitable for the Role.

I agree to, promptly, provide or share any further information and to promptly complete and return any further documents required to facilitate the Background Checks with and to MPS or any Third Party. I will ensure that all information I provide is accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I understand that appointment and continuity in the Role is subject to satisfactory Background Checks and that these checks will be conducted initially in order to assess my application and if I am appointed on a periodic basis. I understand that, subject to any legal rights I may have, if a Background Check discloses matters which in MPS’s reasonable opinion makes me ineligible or unsuitable by law or regulation to carry out my Role then MPS may terminate it by notice in writing.